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Kathleen Kucka, Variable Edition, Vital Force, Lines

Kathleen Kucka, Variable Edition, Vital Force, Lines

In Kathleen Kucka's work, burning holes into canvas or paper is an intervention. Not random, the burn marks create patterns organizing the experience of the piece. For this print project Kucka painted directly on copper plates which were in turn etched and printed into a suite of four black and white images, subsequently transformed by burning into the surface of the paper and ink. This print is from a series of four etchings with burn marks. Published by the artist and Russell Janis Studio and featured in the exhibit Working In Print – Kathleen Kucka & Tara Geer, April 2017.

Kathleen Kucka
Vital Force (Lines)

Sugarlift aquatint etching with burn mark patterns 
Variable edition of 6 on Rives BFK Paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
Image: 16 x 11 inches
Paper: 19 x 15 inches

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